Digital Anti-Counterfeiting.

REV3AL technology is a patent-pending complete security solution for digital assets. Including new image-based encryption and multi-layered digital security features.

Secure Strategy

It’s widely accepted that “there are no silver bullets,” meaning that any single solution unto itself isn’t necessarily secure. Rather, there must be a harmony of various components that each prevent different attacks and work together to ward off different forms of copying, imitation, diversion, and fraud. In the security printing and anti-counterfeiting world, there is a philosophy we use in virtually every secure solution that aims to counteract a wide range of forgery skill sets; OVERT, COVERT and FORENSIC.


In general, overt features are something you can see without a tool or any in-depth interaction, covert features are, as the name implies, obscure and hidden, while forensic features tend to require lab-grade in-depth knowledge and interrogation to verify. We incorporate several layers of authentication features from each category to create a robust anti-counterfeit solution.


*Example artwork for reference only



When it comes to digital counterfeiting and fraud of copyrighted media files such as collectibles, NFTs, certified digital documents or IDs, social media posts and stock photos/ videos to name a few, there are several different types of attacks that we are trying to prevent.


These attacks range from simple screenshots to fake posts/ listings, removal of copyrights/ watermarks and alteration of secure embedded data for digital IDs, certificates or tickets, etc. Thus, it is important to apply multiple layers of features that can ideally fully prevent or at least make these attacks significantly more difficult to pass off, as we do with our REV3AL system.



We incorporate several layers of authentication features from each category to create a robust anti-counterfeit solution. Think of this as a door with multiple different types of locks that require different keys, passcodes, biometrics, and other levels of access to penetrate. Most thieves might be able pick a lock or crack a code, but they cannot do them all.


Our system provides an extensive graphic and software based multi-factor level of protection. To enhance the overall solution even further, we incorporate additional dynamic layers of variable data interlaced within each feature, marrying serialized uniqueness throughout, and preventing basic simulation attempts as well as unauthorized diversion or distribution of assets.  

A platform built for both consumer and market needs


  • Creators will be able to upload and apply preset REV3AL technology into a digital asset.  A digital watermark, a stamp or a pre-loaded image.

  • Artists at all levels and profiles will be able to authenticate, secure and increase the value of their work.


  • Through our proprietary algorithm original buyers and buyers in the aftermarket can upload and verify the authenticity of the REV3AL layer of their NFT or Digital asset.

  • Hidden encryption will be verified against a registered archive to secure and increase the value of their NFT asset.


  • A boutique marketplace and virtual gallery for select and curated NFT auction sales (Phase 2) utilising the cutting edge of VR & AR technology

  • Our own MN-8 brand of digital collectibles that includes charitable giving and encourages love and understanding!

Market Place


Disruptive technology across multiple industries 

Creators, Brands and selected platforms will also be able to integrate the REV3AL technology into their own minting or publishing process through our API.


This will include both NFT and non-NFT assets that require encrypted authentication to protect the value and copyright of their digital assets.


  • Digital Publishing

  • Data & Digital Assets

  • Stock Images & Footage

  • User Generated Content

  • AD Tech / Event Tech