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REV3AL Technology protects artists, creators, and owners of Intellectual Property across the digital spectrum and into the physical world.



Protect, authenticate and verify beyond the blockchain

Apply hidden content to create in another dimension - 2D, 3D & Video

Self verifying effects and a unique user experience

Gamify releases and build excitement 

Authenticate and interact with digital assets and NFTs in the physical world

Futureproof multi-factor authentication and anti-counterfeit technology 


Our technology is based on decades of
anti-counterfeiting & brand protection experience protecting vital documents such as banknotes or passports, and products for major global brands.


Using a multi-layered and multi-factor approach we remain a ‘moving target’ to copyrighted media files such as collectibles, NFTs, certified digital documents or IDs, social media posts and stock photos/ videos etc


From simple attacks such as screenshotting to to fake posts/ listings, removal of copyrights/ watermarks and alteration of secure embedded data


Our team consists of a diverse group of specialists with backgrounds in systems architecture, anti-counterfeiting, the arts & entertainment, cyber security, licensing, publishing and cryptocurrency.


About Us


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NFT’s prove ownership but do not prove original creation. Currently a digital asset can be copied, minted as an NFT, and sold on the open market. Protecting & enforcing copyright is difficult for IP owners with limited financial resources.

Collectors cannot self-verify an NFT without auditing the blockchain. The complexity of verifying authenticity by auditing the blockchain is a significant barrier to most users and counterfeiters benefit from this.

No multi-factor authentication exists for NFT's.  How can a digital NFT be authenticated physically - in real life?  Users are forced to trust contracts or agreements external to the blockchain, or just accept on trust, the authenticity of a digital asset.​ 


Rev3al Technology embeds hidden content within the digital asset that can then be self-verified by the buyer through physical interaction and our platform.

REV3AL Technology’s self-verifying effects for NFTs means the authenticity of the digital asset can be confirmed by the user through a simple multi-factor process.

REV3AL Technology’s self-verifying effects for NFTs means the authenticity of the digital asset can be confirmed by the user through a simple multi-factor process.





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  • Creators will be able to upload and apply preset REV3AL technology into a digital asset.  A digital watermark, a stamp or a pre-loaded image.

  • Artists at all levels and profiles will be able to authenticate, secure and increase the value of their work.



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  • Through our proprietary algorithm original buyers and buyers in the aftermarket can upload and verify the
    authenticity of the REV3AL layer of their NFT or Digital asset.


  • Hidden encryption will be verified against a registered archive to secure and increase the value of their NFT asset.


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  • A boutique marketplace and virtual gallery for select and curated NFT auction sales (Phase 2) utilising the cutting edge of VR & AR technology

  • Our own MN-8 brand of digital collectibles that includes charitable giving and encourages love and understanding!

Market Place


The License

Creators, Brands and selected platforms will also be able to integrate the REV3AL technology into their own minting or publishing process through our API.


This will include both NFT and non-NFT assets that require encrypted authentication to protect the value and copyright of their digital assets.


  • Digital Publishing

  • Data & Digital Assets

  • Stock Images & Footage

  • User Generated Content

  • AD Tech / Event Tech


The RoadMap

Launch NFT Drops

June 2021

REV3AL Platform Launch

Dec 2021

Encryption Integration

JAugust 2021

IDO Token Launch

July 2021

REV3AL License Launch

September 2021

MN-8 Market
Launch & Beta App

Q1 2022


Socially and Environmentally Concious

Supporting Charities & Strategic Partnerships GLOBALLY are a key part of the REV3AL long term strategy, including clean & green crypto.

Our community will not only champion artists and creators but will actively support

“Creative thinking inspires ideas. Ideas inspire change.”

Barbara Januszkiewicz


Our Team


Advisors& Partners


Smartwatch technology to emote & interact

Launching as a collaboration with some of the world’s best and most interesting artists & personalities

A hardware crypto wallet & 2FA physical key

Fully customizable and highly collectible die-cast toy

Digital Art Models that are the key to community of shared creativity

Mobile Social Game to nurture, augment and play before sharing user created messages of love and positivityMobile Social Game to nurture, augment and play before sharing user created messages of love and positivity


Shared Creativity & Positive Interaction - A new artform in collectibles


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