Be Authentic.
The World Loves an Original.

REV3AL Digital Copyright Protection & Anti-Counterfeit Technology protects artists, creators, and owners of Intellectual Property across the digital spectrum and into the physical world. 

Covert Digital Watermark Pinch to Rev3al™ Protection and Authentication. 


“Creativity is Intelligence.
Having fun
Albert Einstein

Protect, authenticate and verify beyond the blockchain

Futureproof multi-factor authentication and anti-counterfeit protocols 

Apply hidden content to create in another dimension 2D, 3D & Video

Authenticate and interact with digital assets and NFTs in the physical world

Self verifying effects and a unique user experience 

Gamify releases and build excitement over ultra rare exclusive content


Technology based on decades of
anti-counterfeiting & brand protection experience

Multi-layered and multi-factor approach for copyrighted media files

Certify the authenticity of a digital asset and add value to the work


Verify a purchase and maintain its value in the marketplace


All Will Be


“Keep It Real. 
Real is Rare"



The nature of digital media makes it easy to duplicate and disseminate. So how can you secure the authenticity of an original? NFT technology proves chain of ownership on the blockchain but does not prove original creation. Currently enforcing copyright is difficult for IP owners with limited financial resources.

Owners who own digital assets off-chain currently have almost no way to verify the authenticity of the asset and even when minted as an NFT collectors cannot self-verify an asset without the complex process of auditing the blockchain. This is a significant barrier to most users which benefits counterfeiters.

No multi-factor authentication exists for digital assets and how can physical items be linked effectively to the blockchain?   Users are forced to trust traditional contracts or agreements external to the blockchain, or just accept on trust the authenticity of a digital asset.​ 


Rev3al Technology includes layers of encrypted protection hidden within the asset itself that can then be self-verified by the buyer through physical interaction on their device and the REV3AL platform. 

REV3AL Technology’s self-verifying effects means the authenticity of the digital asset can be confirmed by the user through a simple multi-factor process on their device and a simple user interface on the REV3AL platform.

Using multiple authentication factors that incorporate blockchain and non-blockchain technology allows REV3AL users to easily and authenticate or verify and the physical decoder technology allows for authentication of a digital asset in the real world.

The RoadMap

Use Case Development

Q4 2021

Rev3al TGE / CEX

May 2022

Rev3al Platform Launch

Q2 2022

MN-8 Market
Launch & Beta App

Q1 2023

Rev3al Secure NFT Marketplace Launch

Q2 2022

REV3AL License Launch

Q3 2022


Feb/March  2022


The Team

Our team consists of a diverse group of specialists with backgrounds in systems architecture, anti-counterfeiting, the arts, media & entertainment, cyber security, licensing, publishing and crypto.

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